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How we’ve made the best pizza dough since 1978

Every experienced pizza maker knows that the secret to a great pizza is a great crust. A great crust starts with the best dough and the best dough can only be made with the finest ingredients. At WPP Dough Company, nestled in the hills of Western Pennsylvania, we make our dough with only the best quality high-protein flour, sparkling clean Laurel Highlands water, salt, pure sugar cane, 100% vegetable oil and yeast. The consistent high quality of our world-class dough means a great pizza every time, no matter what sauce, cheese or other toppings you add. But don’t stop with just pizza–WPP dough also makes incredible strombolies, pepperoni rolls, pizza wedges, bread sticks and even bread– Let your creativity run wild and put together a unique menu that will set you apart from your competition.

The World’s Perfect Pizza Dough balls are available in all standard sizes, but custom sizes can be made. In addition to the traditional WPP recipe,  we also offer a semolina recipe that is perfect for brick ovens, or for a healthier alternative we have an all grain and whole wheat dough that meets government guidelines. If you have a custom recipe you are already using, we can work with you to give your customers the taste they already have come to enjoy.

A family tradition that you can taste

Founder and president Mike Omahne’s father had always told him, “Just find one thing you can do well in life, and do it better than anyone else.” After running several pizza shops, Mike realized that his “one thing” was making high quality, great tasting pizza dough.

Mike began his career in the pizza business in 1978 when he bought several retail pizza shops in Johnstown, PA. This quickly evolved into making pizza dough in an old school building and distributing it to the various retail locations. As he concentrated on creating the perfect dough, Mike began to sell to other small pizza shops in the area. Demand for the dough grew, and several years later, WPP Dough became a specialized business of its own. By 1993, production volume was so large that Mike moved to our current location to keep up with the high demand. In 2001, WPP continued expanding by implementing a more automated process and adding a spiral freezer.

Today, Mike and his sons are continuing the tradition at WPP Dough Company providing the highest quality pizza dough on the market.  WPP dough is currently being shipped to food distributors across the region as well as to pizza shops and restaraunts across the country. Concentrating solely on pizza dough has proven to be a successful business model and has earned the trust from all of our customers. Mike’s knowledge and experience in the industry has brought him ever closer to his goal of truly creating the World’s Perfect Pizza Dough!

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